Dan Robitaille

Dan Robitaille, Philanthropist and Community Volunteer

Dan Robitaille has spent most of his adult life in uniform, serving in the US Army at Ft Benning, Georgia. And from there, his career transitioned into Law Enforcement. Dan was a Deputy Sheriff in Colorado for 5 years, then went on to the United States Capitol Police, where he served through 9/11, the Anthrax attack and the DC sniper incidents. Afterwards, Dan went to work for the Department of Homeland Security in Atlanta, where he worked on the relief efforts along the Gulf Coast during Katrina, provided security during the G8 Summit, and was involved in various other deployments, although the majority of his work is not available to the public and therefore cannot be listed.

Having recently retired from Law Enforcement, Dan has become involved working with homeless youth here in Atlanta and several other philanthropic organizations. These include but are not limited to:

  • A volunteer/mentor with Youthbuild USA, a program for youth to get their GED and job training. They are associated with AmeriCorps where the youth do community service.
  • The Whitefoord Community Project, a neighborhood revitalization project started by his father in law, Dr. George Brumley.
  • A volunteer/advisor at SafeHouse Outreach, a homeless shelter here in Atlanta.
  • A founding board member for New Hope Enterprises, a non-profit for job training here in Atlanta, which is an affiliate of the Strive program from New York.
  • A committee member at the Georgia Justice Project, a non-profit legal aid group working on social justice change.
  • An advisory board member of the Covenant House Georgia, a shelter for homeless youth. This is an international organization with shelters in multiple countries.
  • The Family Foundation, i.e., “The Ziest Foundation,” was founded by Dan’s father in law, Dr George Brumley. It is centered on helping with children's healthcare and education and is responsible for creating several free health clinics in local schools bringing the doctors to the children so they can stay in school, as well as various other projects involving healthcare, education and the arts here in Atlanta.

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