Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary

Deborah Costa, AA in Business Management, Lindsay Wilson College in Columbia

Debra obtained an AA in Business Management in 1989 from Lindsay Wilson College in Columbia Kentucky, before going on to serve four years in the U.S. Navy in Norfolk Va. After her service, she stayed in Norfolk with the Fleet Industrial Supply Center to re-enter civilian life and gain work experience.

Deborah then moved to NE Florida where she held the position of “Buyer” (sole purchaser) for Orange Park Medical Center for the next seven years. From there Deborah became the Purchasing Manager for 14 “Buyers” and 25 Hospitals for the North Florida Supply Chain in Jacksonville Florida and held that position for the next five years.

Currently, Deborah is the OR Supply Chain Manager for Memorial Hospital and is responsible for seven employees across four locations.

Deborah has been a volunteer at Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary for six years (since 2010). Her “management” experience can be seen in everything she does here and her work ethic is simply unmatched. If there’s a job that has to be done, it gets done and done well if she’s involved! Deborah is also exceptional with all of the animals and her contagious laughter can soften the hearts of even the most abused wolves and wolf dogs we rescue.

In addition to her “get it done” mentality, Deborah has a HUGE Heart and is a “must have” for every organization that wants to be successful! Her wisdom and insight into everything we do here adds significant value to our Board of Directors and we’re extremely fortunate to have Deborah as a Board Member.

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