John McKee

John McKee, BS in Industrial Engineering, University of North Florida

John Graduated from University of North Florida with a BS in Industrial Engineering. He has been working for Lexus of Jacksonville for more than 9 years and has a Lexus Master Certification.

Since 1996, John has been a member of the Jacksonville Fencing Club (a 501C3 non-profit organization), Club Armorer since 2001, and a member of the Board of Directors since 2003.

His interests include Martial Arts (Iaido and Kobudo), scuba diving (certified Advanced Open Water/Computer Nitrox diver, training for rescue diver certification).

John has been a volunteer at Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary for 6 years now. He intimately knowledgeable of the inner workings of the entire facility here and how to build and repair everything at the facility and in the enclosures. He is also incredibly skilled (downright polished) at interacting with wolves and wolf dogs here, particularly those who were badly neglected and/or abused. John’s “jack of all trades” and unmatched work ethic, selflessness and genuine love for the rescued animals, as well as his insight into every decision made here, is something Debra and I have relied on for some time now and will continue to do in order to have the best wolf facility possible.

John’s role as a board member is to continue to be exactly what he has been to Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary, and, to provide insight into every area that requires an intelligent decision to be made going forward.

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