Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary

Sheryl Ulmer, BA in Elementary Education, University of North Florida

Sheryl graduated from the University of North Florida with a BA in Elementary Education. She has been a teacher with the Duval County Public School System for nine years, the last three as a reading interventionist.

While pursuing her degree and teaching certificate, Sheryl worked for 9 years as an administrative assistant at FSCJ Social and Behavioral Sciences Department. Prior to that, she worked at the Department of Transportation/Motor Carrier Compliance Department for ten years.

Sheryl has been a volunteer at Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary for ten years (since 2006), nearly three years longer than any other volunteer. She is extremely skilled at interacting with all of the rescued wolves and wolf dogs and has an in-depth knowledge of both the operation here and the facility.

Prior to becoming a volunteer at Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary, Sheryl had a deep interest in wolves, so much so that she made annual trips to Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and other areas in the Northwest, and still does. When she heard of Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary, she naturally reached out to become a volunteer and we and the animals here are fortunate that she did.

Sheryl’s experience, professionalism and work-ethic, combined with her teaching skills is extremely valuable and will be even more so going forward.

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