Wendy Wolfe

Wendy Wolfe, BA in Philosophy, Duke University 1988, Co-owner WolfeWare, Inc., Volunteer at Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary for 6 years.

Wendy is a mother of three, a veterinary assistant and has been a volunteer at Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary for 6 years. Out of all of the volunteers here, Wendy is the only one who volunteers several days each week. As a result, she has an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the facility, each individual wolf or wolf dog and can do (and lead) every single job (including construction and repair projects) at the sanctuary. Therefore, she is the one person capable of stepping in and making every necessary decision involved in maintaining the day to day operation here and delegating to the “one day a week” volunteers, in the event something happens to John. Every organization needs a committed, hard-working and responsible person like Wendy on their team.

For the record, there’s no way we could have done what we’ve done here without her huge heart, incredible work ethic and dedication to meeting these animals’ needs. We’re extremely grateful to have her in our volunteer family and her knowledge, insight and wisdom will obviously add immeasurable value to our Board of Directors going forward.

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